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The ProLoco Association

Last update 16 May 2023

The ProLoco Association
Piazza San Marco 4
14040 Vinchio
Telefono  347/11.52.747


The history of the association

The “Proloco” Association was founded in 1965, by a group of local young people.

In the seventies, with a large participation of residends, the Association established the "Festival of the Saracen Asparagus", a typical local produce, offering tourists tastings and the experience of parings with wines, produced locally.

The association participated throughout the years to several "Sagre Festivals", also establishing a choir that allowed to restore the traditional "Cantè j'ev" event.

With the help of many volunteers and willing partners, a dancing floor was bulit, still used today for the events taking place in the village.

In the eighties, it continued its activity offering visitors local products and hospitality, typical of a country village.

The activity continues for thirty years with the same spirit, presenting traditional authentic local dishes, among which the most renowned are: "Tajarein and fasè" ( Noodles and beans ) " Green anchovies" ( with a green secret recipe sauce), "Peperoni with bagna cauda" ( bellpeppers with bagna cauda sauce ) and "Asparagus fritters".

All this has been possible thanks to all our members and thir free time.

Our activities and events:

• Feast of St. Vincenzo, vinegrowers meeting.

• Children's carnival with masks carnival.

• Angel’s Monday, meeting in the Val Sarmassa Reserve and at the "Bricco di Monte del Mare".

• The first Sunday of May with the Saracen Asparagus Festival, typical local products.

• August in Vinchio, celebrations with dances, dine, theater, games and competitions.

• Second Sunday of October, in occasion of Mombercelli Truffle Fair with typical local recipies.

The ProLoco Recipe

"A good, simple recipe with asparagus "

Here below a simple suggestion to experience this local produce: wash the asparagus, clean them, bind them to small bunches and steam them. Once cooled, toss them with butter and  good Parmigiano Reggiano…enjoy your meal!!!