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Last update 27 November 2018

Davide Lajolo (1912 - 1984)

Davide Lajolo was born in a local simple family from Vinchio and he has always been linked to his native country. Matter of fact Vinchio became a literary place in his books and  stories, such as “I Mé (1977)” and “Il merlo di campagna”  the city's blackbird (1983).

Young intellectual, deluded by fascism, in the winter of 1943 he became partisan on his hills with the nickname of Ulysses.

He recounted his experience in two books “Class 1912” in 1945, (later reprinted with the title “A conquistare la rossa primavera” and “Il Voltagabbana” in 1963 ).

Journalist, politician and writer, he was director of the newspaper “L'Unità” (1948-1958) and of “Giorni Vie Nuove” (1969-1978), Member of Parliament (1958-1972).

Of a partical interest are his books of political content called “I Rossi” (1974), “Finestre aperte a Botteghe Oscure” (1975), “Ventiquattro Anni” – Unforgettable story of a lucky man.

He became a successful writer with “Il vizio Assurdo - Storia di Cesare Pavese”(1960) (later reprinted with the title Pavese), “Fenoglio, A warrior of Cromwell on the Langhe hills” (1974), “Il volto umano di un rivoluzionario – La straordinaria avventura di Giuseppe Di Vittorio” , to quote the most important, winning numerous prizes including the Premio Viareggio, a litereature prize in 1977 with “Veder l’erba dalla parte delle radici”.

In his house and archive, restored here in Vinchio, there are many significant traces of the many contacts he had with writers, journalists, directors, politicians and even painters, to whom he dedicated his latest book “Gli uomini dell'arcobaleno” (1984).

The town of Vinchio dedicated to the writer The Cultural Museum, the multimedia museum "Vinchio è il mio nido" (located in Via Cap Lajolo), the staircase that climbs from Piazza F. Vercelli to Piazza S. Marco, where you can see a bronze bust standing, executed by the sculptor Floriano Bodini and a plaque affixed to his birthplace in Via Ramaudio 4.

There are three literary itineraries on the territory, with starting points from the Vinchio Vaglio Serra winery in Loc. San Pancrazio and from piazza F. Vercelli.

Frate Colomba da Vinchio

Friar Colomba da Vinchio (XIV century), of the Order of the Dominican Friars, author of the “Liber Imnorum”, preserved in the Library of the Cathedral of Novara, Code 117, a text of liturgical celebrations.

Among these annotations there is a tale “The saying of the King and Queen” and a “Lauda to the Virgin” inspired by Jacopone da Todi, together with eleven proverbs, which are the first compositions known in piemontese native dialect.

Padre Maria Petri da Vinchio

Father Maria Petri da Vinchio (XVIII century), of the Franciscan Friars Minor Order, was an expert builder and decorator of celestial globes and globes, some preserved in the Seminary Library and in the Civic Museum in Casale.

Especially beautiful is the globus coelestis of 1745. He was a master of cartography school and a scholar of mathematical and geographical works.

Ettore Lajolo (1889 - 1917)

Ettore Lajolo, captain of the fourth Regiment of the Genoa Cavalleria, fell in battle at Pozzuolo del Friuli on October 30th 1917.

In command of his squadron to defend the barrier against the enemy, he showed his courage and his firmness. When he had the order to fall back, considering that the enemy advanced without resistance, he reassembled the survivors of his squadron and gave the assault with a famous cry "Giovanotti (guys), Genoa is speaking, the IV squadron does not run away, but remove the helmet and gallop”. He was awarded with the gold medal for the military value of the First World War. A street is dedicated to him in the historical center of the town.

His brother, Oreste Lajolo (1894-1916), lieutenant of the 4th Regiment of Genoa Cavalleria, remained appeased and surrounded by enemies, died in combat a year before Ettore and was awarded the bronze medal for military value.

Vedi e scarica la Motivazione Concessione M.O.V.M. al Capitano Ettore Laiolo

Fratel Teodoreto (1871 - 1954)

Giovanni Garberoglio - Fratel Teodoreto, was baptized on February 10th 1871 with the names of Giovanni Andrea and since he was a teenager he showed the attitude of a catechist.

Following up knowing the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, he entered in La Villette in Savoie.

On November 1st, 1887 he received the name of Fratel Teodoreto. In the meantime he obtained academic qualifications for teaching and carried out most of his activity in the popular primary schools of ROMI (Regia Opera Munifica Education), becoming director of the schools of Santa Pelagia in Turin.

In 1913 he founded the Union of Catechists of the SS. Crucifix and of Maria SS. Immaculate, canonically erected by Cardinal Richelmy, Archbishop of Turin, May 9th, 1914 and established in a secular Institute on June 24th, 1948, whose members are dedicated to catechism and speakers, collaborated in professional training courses and give social and spiritual assistance to the homeless.

Aware of the importance of the professional training of young workers in 1920, he began the first courses of the House of Charity that subsequently gave rise to the Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri, which today has 16 professional training centers. The institutions created by Fratel Teodoreto da Torino have spread to Italy, Peru, Eritrea, Congo and Brazil.

On March 3rd , 1990 S.S. John Paul II recognized the heroism of the virtues of  Fratel Teodoreto and declared him Venerable. In Vinchio, a  street has been named.

His house, located in via Belveglio, was transformed by Fratel Carlo Torchio into a museum, keeping the furnishings and tools of the old country house. The Museum is managed by the Catechists association of the SS. Crucifix (for information: San Marco church 0141 / 950.125).

Francesco Vercelli (1883-1952)

Francesco Vercelli, graduate in physics and mathematics, was an illustrious astrophysicist.

His activity mainly took place at the University of Trieste, where he was Principal of the Engineering and Director of the Thalassographic Institute of Trieste.

His work was so appreciated, nationally and internationally,  he was a member of the CNR, of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Internationally renowned scientist for his studies on the sea and the atmosphere, he leaded research teams in the oil field (for AGIP group ) with the geoelectric method.

He published important scientific works, including "Air, in nature and in life" and " Seas, lakes and glaciers".

The main square of Vinchio (where there is the house where he was born) and the Liceo Scientifico of Asti are entitled after the scholar.

Recently, the Trieste Section of the Institute of Marine Sciences (Ismar) has been entitled to Prof. Vercelli.