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Church of the Confraternity of the Holy Trinity (chiesa della Confraternita della Santissima Trinità)

Address Via Capitano Ettore Laiolo, 5, 14040 Vinchio AT, Italia


The church, at one time the gathering place of the Confraternity of the Battuti, stands next to the church of St. Mark.

It was probably built in the 16th century.

The building of the Holy Trinity Brotherhood (16th century) is commonly called the “Church of the Battuti,” because it was the place where the brethren known as “Batì” gathered.

It stands next to the parish church of St. Mark.

The church's single-nave interior had low arched barrel vaults and groins; in the 19th century the bell tower was built.

In the fifties, it was abandoned and partially collapsed.

In 1996, a courageous reconstruction and restoration work began.

The church is now completely renovated and functional as a meeting place and for cultural initiatives (exhibitions, concerts, conferences, etc.).

On the back wall of the presbytery is a painting on canvas depicting the Holy Trinity with the Virgin Mary and St. Vincent.


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