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Church of St. Mark (chiesa di San Marco)

Address Piazza S. Marco, 2, 14040 Vinchio AT, Italia

The parish church is dedicated to the Evangelist St. Mark. Originally composed of a single nave, it was later enlarged with the addition of the two side aisles in the 18th century.

The vault of the central nave is decorated with valuable frescoes. The baroque altar in polychrome marble is beautiful.

On the walls of the right aisle are placed two large paintings on canvas depicting: the Our Lady of the Rosary and the Supplication of the Souls in Purgatory to the Virgin Mary, dating back to the late 1600s and early 1700s.

On the back wall of the apse stands out the large painting on canvas, enclosed by a rich wooden frame, of St. Mark the Evangelist, titular of the church.

The painting dates back from 1853 and is the work of the painter. Inside is the bust of the Venerable Brother Teodoreto and a plaque commemorates the date of his baptism on February 10, 1871.

The architecture of the façade is marked by pilasters and the upper crown consists of a triangular tympanum. Inside two niches are statues of St. Mark the Evangelist, titular of the church, and St. Vincent, patron saint of the town.

The severe bell tower, in brick masonry, dates back to 1767.


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